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Packing Notes

Success in anything you do will be directly related to your level of preparation. The key to a pleasant, uneventful move, other than picking the best mover for the job, will lie in having your packing completely done in the appropriate materials, before the movers arrive. Label the cartons well, on the top, and on two adjacent sides, with a black chisel point marker, using only the destination of the carton as the locator. Do not list the contents of the carton! The movers will try their best to please you, and too much information to read will only slow them down.

Goods should always be packed on edge, in any carton. This goes against the general perception that most people have. Damage in a carton is caused for the most part by compaction or a lack of buffer materials. Goods packed on edge, will mean fewer layers, or a lower compaction rate within the carton, and a lower risk of damage. Do not forget to completely fill all cartons, so they are able to support the weight of goods placed on top. Cartons with airspace on top will cause the load to compact, once again, increasing the risk of damage.

Proper buffer materials must be used to provide the best protection for your belongings. There are a lot of high tech materials available for wrapping and all are very useful for specific purposes. The best and most cost effective medium for packing china and most other household effects is plain unprinted newsprint. Most of the more sophisticated materials either lack the bulking capability required to properly buffer (e.g. Tissue), or have a memory, meaning they transmit exterior forces directly to the piece you want to protect (e.g. precut foam/bubble wrap). Although these materials most certainly have a valid use, it is not as a general purpose packing material.

These notes about packing are intended only to give you a general overview. For more detailed instructions please (put link here) contact us.

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All materials listed are new, and, of professional quality.