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Subject: Thank you,

Hi Bill,

I have been meaning to call you for so long and I have been so busy I thought I would send you a quick e-mail. I want to thank you for the lovely plant arrangement that you sent to us shortly after our move in July. It was very much appreciated. Thank you for the great service on our move. We will be recommending your company to anyone that \ is looking for movers.

Shelley and Finn E.
Subject: Perfect Moves

Dave, thank-you very much for recommending Bill Smith and "Perfect Moves".

The guys were very professional and did a great job! We've heard many horror stories from friends and relatives about moves. But I have to say that we experienced none of that with Perfect Moves.

In an unusual kind of way, they even made it a bit fun (if that's really possible!). The load-up only took about 6 or 7 hours on the Friday and the unload was even faster at the new place. Most everything is now unpacked and the place looks great. Bill and the team even followed-up with a very nice floral arrangement welcoming us to our new home.

So thanks again for the excellent move.

Mr. Smith,

We have been satisfied in all respects with the way in which you and your people dealt with us during this stressful time and will recommend your firm without hesitation.

G.W. R.
Subject: Thanks

Hi Bill, how are you? Angela, the girls and I wanted to drop you a line and let you know how grateful we are that we hired you and your company to move us out to Guelph last month.

The service was nothing short of perfect and your staff was courteous and hard-working. They took perfect care of all of our valuables and delivered everything in perfect order.

We also want to thank you for sending the nice plant basket... ...a very nice touch and much appreciated!

Bill, if you ever need a reference of any kind... ... .. feel free to give us a shout!

Take care, John A.
Hi Guys! We have been busy tearing up broadloom, painting - you name it!

Although I phoned Bill (Smith) to thank him for the flowers - which was a wonderful surprise - I also wanted to mention how great Jeff was -hard to believe he has just turned 18 - he will certainly go far - he was great for us and his attitude towards the other helpers was really good.


all the "boys" were friendly and helpful and their sense of humour made our "downsizing move" just a little bit better.

Thank you Perfect Movers!

Len & Joan H.
Perfect Moves Newmarket,On

Attention: William Smith

Hi Bill!

Just a little note to say thanks again for a job well done with respect to our move and six weeks of storage.

I was impressed with your method of storage and our possessions arrived safe and sound. Your guys were personable and worked hard!!

Rachael R.
Dear Bill,

We just had to take time in our busy schedules to write to you and say what a professional and outstanding job your crew, Terry, Joe, and Shane did with our move at the end of May.

Not only were they hard workers but also very personable and friendly. This move (and we’ve had many) has to be the best we’ve ever experienced.

We will not hesitate to recommend your company.

Thank you again for making our move a great one!

Regina and Daniel H.
Bill Smith
Perfect Moves Newmarket, Ontario


This is just a quick note to thank you for the great (Perfect) job you did for us in our recent move from Aurora to Barrie.

It is not often these days that you can do business with a company that under-promises and over-delivers, but when so many things could potentially go wrong when a family is changing homes, it is nice to know that the mover gives you exactly what he promised and more.

Perfect in every way - fast, friendly service done in the time you said it would be, and well within the budget we discussed beforehand. Thanks again, and thanks for all the tips you shared with us to make the move as painless as possible. We found Perfect Moves, through word-of-mouth and you and the guys lived up to your excellent reputation.

Yours sincerely,

Brian & Elsie W.
Barrie, Ontario
Bill Smith
Perfect Moves Newmarket, Ontario


Just a quick note to express my utmost appreciation of going above and beyond the call of duty during our recent move.

As moving is an extremely stressful time as everyone knows, compounded with the death of a parent, to have your expert bit of help exactly at the time it was required was indeed a lifesaver.

I just want to thank you for going above and beyond the call of duty by coming over the night of our move and consolidating those last bits of the pieces of the puzzle that lay strewn around the almost vacant house and helping us expertly pack them into our van to complete the move.

Without your help, a great many things may have been left behind.

Your expert packing abilities, combined with your patience completed the job, which, otherwise, could have left us scrambling to determine what to include.

With your kind assistance, everything was loaded and accounted for, including two cats and Rocky the budgie bird.

Thanks again for your extra effort.

Joe and Glenna S.
Hi Bill

Just a quick note to thank you for making our move a smooth and pleasant experience. From the start in March through storage to our move in on May 18th you and your crew made this one of the easiest address changes we have ever had.

The care and service your company gave us will not be forgotten and I mean this sincerely. "Perfect Moves" is a fitting name.

Thanks Again To You And The Guys!!!

Steve & Trish
Bolton Ontario
Subject: Thanks

Dear Bill:

We feel we must write a short note to you regarding our move on May 28.

We want to say that the move was one of the smoothest and most efficient that we have experienced and that it was as enjoyable as could be expected.

The crew, Jeff, Jamie, Adam, and Shane were all extremely hard workers and took special care of our belongings. We are always very sceptical of moving companies and their employees because of the many stories from friends and the media. We must say that we had no such apprehension after a few minutes with your men. Throughout the move they were joking and laughing with each other and with us. All this without missing a beat.

Our move did not result in any damage to our property and nothing went missing. In fact the move was completed in one day instead of the two that was estimated and resulted in a substantial saving for us, which we certainly appreciate.

Please accept our sincere thanks for the way in which the move was handled and pass our thanks along to the crew that made it such a pleasure.

You can be sure that we would wholeheartedly recommend your company to anyone in the future and you have certainly lived up to your name PERFECT MOVES.

Bob and Jane F
Sharon, Ontario
Bill Smith
Perfect Moves
Newmarket, Ontario

Dear Mr. Smith

Thank you so much for your plant gift—a lovely surprise. All unpacked with willing help from family members. Packing bundled and packaged and recycled with not a single breakage thanks to the skill and care of your packers and handlers.

Our grateful thanks to you and your delightful crew for the smoothest move we’ve ever had.

Tim & Eileen B-W
Bill Smith
Perfect Moves
Newmarket, Ontario

The team did an excellent job.

Congrats and thanks.

We highly recommend the team for future moves'

Murray M."
Perfect Movers,
Newmarket, Ontario.

September 8,

Mr. Bill Smith,

I am writing to say thanks for a job well done, when you moved our household goods from Willowdale to Aurora on August 09.

You can be proud of your crew, Ed and his two assistants. They were prompt, efficient and very pleasant to deal with.

They did everything as you had described and in those very hot, humid trying conditions, and as well came in “under” your personal estimated cost for the move.

Should any prospective customers be looking for a word of positive recommendation, I would be pleased to pass along the good words.

Thanks from a very satisfied customer.

Arthur G. S
Perfect Movers,
Newmarket, Ontario.

October 25

Mr. Bill Smith,

Bill, I just want to say thank-you for the lovely plant that you sent to us as a welcome to our new home. It was a very pleasant surprise.

We are getting settled, but still have a lot of unpacking to do and are taking it one day at a time.

Thanks for the care you took with out move and for the very professional way you and your crew handled all our concerns. Moving is a very trying time and it made it a lot easier, knowing you were there to answer all our questions.

Thanks, again and we will be sure to recommend your company to our friends.

Bob & Lillian
Wasaga Beach
Perfect Movers,
Newmarket, Ontario.

July 13

Bill and Jeff,

I just wanted to send you a quick note now that we are 'settled' into our new house. Thanks to Jeff and our crew for taking the stress out of our move (or as much as possible). I have never seen 4 people work so hard in such hot weather to get our move done as quickly as possible.

I will recommend you to everyone I know that needs movers - you did an excellent job, right down to dropping boxes off at the house!

Thanks again and thank you for the lovely flower arrangement, it was a very nice touch to top off our wonderful experience with your company.

Leanne & Cliff
Perfect Movers
Newmarket, Ontario.

May 14

Dear Bill and Staff:

Thank you very much for the beautiful dishgarden! Sending it was a thoughtful gesture. Also, thanks for transporting all of our belongings safely to our new location.

David, Carolyn,
and the V N boys
Perfect Movers
Newmarket, Ontario

May 12

Dear Bill,

Thank-you very much for the lovely flower basket we received yesterday. It was such a nice surprise especially when you are living in as much dust as we are. I don't think I'll ever see green again!

I just wanted to say how impressed we were with the professional and courteousness of your staff. Many thanks to Lee, Shane, James, Trevor et all for the great job. They never stopped.

I honestly would use your service again in a moment and we will recommend you to anyone we can looking to hire a professional moving company.

Yours truly,
Ron & Colleen L
Dec 15

Perfect Moves

What a lovely surprise to receive your gorgeous plant today.

We've been telling all our friends about your Company and how well our move was handled. Your efforts certainly shone through - you really know what you are doing.

Only two glasses were broken and these were the two we moved ourselves!

Thanks again for your thoughtfulness. Being plant lovers the basket is one we'll have for years

Thanks again for a fantastic and hassle free move.

All the best for you all during the holdays

Bruce and Joyce L.
December 14

Perfect Moves

Thank you for a truly perfect move, your people have been great and extremely helpful.

Thank you for the lovely fruit basket and moving us to our new house.

Best regards
Ellen and Larry F.
December 18

Good morning.

We received a beautiful basket of greenery late last week and we wanted to thank you very much for your generosity.

Thank you also for your assistance with the move into our new home. Your crew was very pleasant and helpful to our family.

We appreciated your care of our pianos and other goods.

All the best for a safe and happy 2006.

The W's
Dec 27

Dear Bill,

Once again it was a delight to receive yourlovely planter garden basket. It brighten a dark area of the hall. Thanks so much.

Well, this was big move -three days between packing and the acutal moving. All the men handled it expertly and we're a pleasure to deal with in every way.

Jeff and Jim were especially a huge help and very kind. Jeff is a credit to and his mother.

We have recommended you to our neighbours (it is #2 on our street) and I hope they call you. We will be calling you again to move us to weekend place. We wouldn't use any other movers.

Thanks again for everything.

The B's.
(sarah, kevin, Conor & Bridget)
Jan 15

Dear Bill and Staff:

We would like to thank you for the wonderful job your crew did moving us to our new home.

The entire move whas done professionally and efficiently and was definitely the most stress free move we have ever made - my plants even survived!

Thanks again to all of you!

Jay and Kelly M
February 02

Dear Bill,

Once again, it was a delight to receive your lovely planter garden basket. It brightens a dark corner of the hall. Thanks so much.

Well, this was a big move—three days between packing and the actual moving. All the men handled it expertly and were a pleasure to deal with in every way. Jeff and crew were especially a huge help and very kind. Jeff is a credit to you and his mother.

We have recommended you to our neighbours and I hope they call you. We will call you again in the late Spring for help with moving to a weekend place. We wouldn’t use any other movers.

Thanks again for everything.
Sarah and Kevin B
from: N
Sent: March 6
Subject: A Huge Thank You!

Dear Bill,

We just wanted to let you know how pleased we were with our two step move in Dec./Jan.. Your staff were friendly, courteous and professional from beginning to end. Our belongings were well packed and in perfect condition after a month in storage.

Thank you for providing outstanding service. We will certainly recommend your services to others.

Derek and Rachel N P.S. The plant was a thoughtful touch. Thanks!!
Transcript from a phone call..

Thank you very much for an absolutely wonderful move. The crew were a pleasure to work with and very helpful. Everything went smoothly.

I will call my real estate agent with a referral for your company.

Leslie T.
Mar 14

Thank you so much for the beautiful plant arrangement. It was a wonderful surprise and helped make my apartment feel more welcome. Everyone made the move a great success and they were so kind.

Helen S
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From: cathy s
Sent: June 1

Hi guys hey i did not forget about you perfect people thanks from the bottlem of my heart you guys were great the best and i send blessing to you all that help are move you guys are the best you look after everything not one thing broken when you say you are perfect moves you said it thanks may god bless your work forever and the lord to shine down on your great help thanks guys love your team and say hi to the young son of yours

mr.mrs smith he is great tell him mrs s say hi he was so kind and the other guy to we had a laugh all of us me running up the stairs hahahahah it done and over and we love it here thanks guys

cathy and john and remember are little 15 year old bill sorry to tell you she just turn 19 she said hahahah thanks guys god bless sending you blessing THE S GANG GREAT JOB KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

-----Original Message-----
From: Nicole V B
Sent: June 1
To: info@perfect-moves.com

Subject: Great Job

Dear Bill and Sons, and all employees !!!!

My cousin just asked me if I was happy with the movers I used for my move in January - and I was able to say "they were the best movers I ever used !!!!"

And that is saying a lot since I have moved over 13 times since I was 18. This letter is long overdue and referring you made me realize I had neglected to send it right after my move.

The guys that moved me were exceptionally professional, respectful, and careful. I was extremely happy with the move and will recommed "Perfect Moves" to everyone. Thanks so much for an excellent job - from quote to completion.

Nicole B
-----Original Message-----
Sent: June 2,
Subject: thank you

Bill and Carol,

I just wanted to thank you for having such a great Son. Jeff, and his team (Cory, Chris, Randy) made the move on Wed. go really well. I had a really great day. Everything went like clockwork, except I felt a bit sorry for the guys as it was so hot that day and Randy had a sprained his ankle the day before so he was a real trooper for lasting the entire day helping with the move. This time we did not have to let any air out of the tires :) 😀

Everything was place exactly where it had to go and believe me there were so many boxes to move as well and all the stairs,but never once did I ever hear a complaint from anyone.

I wish you and your family great success with your company. If I know of anyone in the near future that is thinking of moving I will certainly recommend your company.

Take care.
Brenda S
sent: June 12
To: info@perfect-moves.com
Subject: Moving Thank you

Dear Bill, Carol and Perfect Moves crew,

Now that the moving and unpacking has been done I want to take a moment to thank you and your team for their great work on our behalf. Our moving adventures began last fall when we moved members of our family into a new apartment. We then had family heirlooms delivered to other family members and culminated with our own move into our new home.

Throughout the process, the staff at Perfect Moves showed care, concern and support for us from the first phone call to Carol until the final pieces had been placed to our satisfaction (even if we did move that dresser three times!). To top it all off, we received a lovely plant as a housewarming gift (which is thriving on our balcony).

I can not say enough about your service and customer care. Moving can be stressful but your team makes the experience a calm and supportive.

Thanks again and keep up the good work. I will certainly recommend you to my friends and neighbours.

Peggy M.
Newmarket, ON
Sent: June 13
To: info@perfect-moves.com
Subject: From Contact Page


I had the extreme pleasure of being moved by your company last Friday, Jeff, Randy and Corey did an awesome job. They were pleasant, professional and very polite to my entire family during a very stressful day. They were very careful with all of our belongings and took care of our stuff like it was their own.

Please pass on mine and Nancy's sincere thanks to all 3 of your men. There would be no question if I ever moved again Perfect Moves would be my first phone call and I will highly recommend your company to anyone I know that is moving.

Brian H.
Newmarket, ON
From a phone call:

"Your crew moved me last Saturday. I just wanted to tell you in person that they were absolutely incredible. Please pay my compliments to them.”

Karen McK
Sent: July 24
To: info@perfect-moves.com
Subject: thank you

Perfect Movers,


Just thought we would drop a note to thank your wonderful staff, Shane, Randy, Chris and Travis for a terrific job on our move. They were all professional and courteous even when faced with adversity. They will know what we mean.

Please tell Randy and Shane that we finally got the red furniture down the stairs. Also, tell them that the hole we had to cut into the wall to do it was five times bigger than the one we cut to get the television down.

Great job thank you.

Thank You,
Aileen F
Rick K
From: Kristin G
Sent: August 21
To: info@perfect-moves.com
Subject: Moving Inquiry

Hi Bill,

Wayne and I just wanted to drop you a quick note to you to let you know how pleased we were with our move. Jeff, Shane and Corey were amazing! Our move went so smoothly, it was great.

I would highly recommend Perfect Moves to anyone I know who is moving.

Thanks again and take care.

Kristin G
Sales Executive, National Sales Account Development
From: Lori K.
Sent: September 19
To: info@perfect-moves.com
Subject: Thank you

Dear Bill and Family,

It was so nice of you to send the beautiful plant wishing us happiness in our new home.

I can't say enough about how patient and considerate you have all been - from my changing the date of the move to trying out my piano in three different places before I finally made up my mind where it would stay.

The best part though was having the ability to leave my furniture and boxes on the truck for five days so I could do some painting, carpet cleaning etc. without anything being in the way. Also, I didn't anticipate how great it would be to have a couple of days to rejuvenate before my belongings arrived and the process of unpacking began.

Thanks again guys - I will highly recommend you in the future.

Lori K
-----Original Message----- From: Judy K.
Sent: September 25
To: William Smith
Subject: Re: Moving Washer and Dryer

Thanks, Bill, to you and your group for their quick response to my urgent request for assistance. Sincerely appreciate it.

When I called early Monday morning I had no idea you would be able to respond so quickly. Hardly enough time to get a hugh load of laundry!!

Best regards,
Judy K

Dear Perfect Moves

We wanted to thank you for a smooth move from Bradford to Kitchener on September 18th. The crew of Randy, Keith, Chris, and Jeff was outstanding and we were very pleased with their work.

We also wanted to thank you for the houseplant - it was a nice surprise and very much appreciated!

Great job!

Heather and Iain H
-----Original Message----- From: Robin
Sent: October 27
To: info@perfect-moves.com
Subject: Thank you on a "Perfect" Move!


We wanted to thank you so much for our "perfect" move on October 4th.

From our initial visit with Jeff in estimating our move, interacting with your office staff and the actual move itself was an excellent experience.

Jeff and his team (Randy, Cory & Keith) arrived promptly at 8:15 am. and went straight to work. They were professionals with a "can do" attitude. The team took special care of our furniture, especially our 80 year old piano. All had a sense of humour and made a stressful day into an enjoyable one.

This was our third move and by far the best! We will definitely recommend your company, Perfect Moves - a mover of choice.

Many thanks,
Robin & Al
Ajax, Ontario
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Sent: October
To: info@perfect-moves.com
Subject: Thank you

Just a quick note to say thank to you and your crew. Even on what has been the hottest day so far the move went really well. Having used movers before, Kurt and I were both really impressed with the guys from the start. Polite, courteous, friendly and VERY hardworking, we couldn't have asked for more.

If we ever move again, you'll get the call. We' ve told everyone who asked how the move went to call you and your team.

Many thanks,
Catherine B.
-----Original Message----- June 27

Dear Perfect Movers,

It has been 2 weeks since we've been here in our new home in Hamilton. It's starting to feel like home. Your 3 young men have helped the transition for us. You all were great. (Professional, pleasant, and very accommodating).

If we ever move again, I would hope you would move us. Your thoughtfulness and patience went beyond the normal. Bill and I truly appreciate all your hard work (and the plant).

Thank you once again.
Sharron & Bill H.
From: Ken & Debby Mc
Sent: July 4
To: info@perfect-moves.com
Subject: Thank You

Hi - Bill & Carol

Received the lovely plant/flowers, which are now sitting in my front window. Thank you very much.

They did call to try to deliver them on Friday - but we were going to be away for the long weekend - so we put it off until today - Wed.

Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner after the move. The time has just flown by. Your guys were great - too bad they had the 2 hottest days of the summer!

But guess if it wasn't my move - it would have been someone elses. Good thing they're young !

I would certainly recommend your business to anyone.

Thanks again for the plant and your help with our move.

Debby Mc
From: J M
Sent: July 18
To: willsmi@sympatico.ca
Cc: S A
Subject: Thank you!

Thank you so much for the lovely flowers. What a thoughtful gesture.

We will be calling in the next week or so to arrange for pick up of the boxes and paper from the unpack. for your advanced recycling program.

All the best, Joanne M & Steve A
To Everyone at Perfect Moves

Thank you so much for a “Great Move” also thank you for the lovely plant.

Very much appreciated

Brad & Lena
Barrie, Ontario
From: The W's
Sent: July 26
To: info@perfect-moves.com
Subject: Moving Inquiry

Dear Bill and Carol,

Just wanted to let you know how pleased we were with our move. You have trained Jeff, Luke and Randy very well. Not only were they efficient hard-workers, they were very personable young men!

We would recommend your services to anyone in a flash!

Norma Jean and Greg W

P.S. I would nominate Jeff for "Driver of the Year", just for the way he maneuvered that big truck in such a tight space.
From: Paul M.
To: Bill Smith (info@perfect-moves.com)
Sent: Thursday, February 21
Subject: Settling in at Temagami

Dear Bill and crew,

We are finally settling in up here in Temagami after our move up from Brampton over the weekend of January 5-7. The closing of our house sale in Brampton went absolutely smoothly on January 11th.

Our retirement property has turned out to be as idyllic as hoped for, even in the dead of winter 2008, with many days below -30C.! The community of Temagami is a very active one, with the community centre just down the street from us (curling, hockey, skating) and this weekend is the annual Shiverfest Winter Carnival ... go figure, eh?

I just wanted to once again thank you and your fabulous crew for the best move of our lives (6th one)! You and your crew were very professional and the "can do" attitude and efficiency of the loading and unloading was a marvel to behold. There was not one item scratched, dented or in any way hurt in this move. While it will be awhile yet before all of our boxes are unloaded (I know, I know - lots of books ...), we have most of the furniture arranged and have even sold off some surplus items ... I mean, while this was to be an "early retirement", I didn't need 5 couches to do it! My home theatre system (42" Hitachi plasma) is indeed back up and running, no problems.

Please pass along best regards and a big thanks from Sally and I to all the crew members at both ends, and rest assured we have already highly recommended your company to others, including both real estate agents involved in our house sale.

Paul & Sally M.,
Temagami, Ontario.
From: The W's
Sent: July 26
To: info@perfect-moves.com
Subject: Moving Inquiry

Dear Bill and Carol,

Just wanted to let you know how pleased we were with our move. You have trained Jeff, Luke and Randy very well. Not only were they efficient hard-workers, they were very personable young men!

We would recommend your services to anyone in a flash!

Norma Jean and Greg W

P.S. I would nominate Jeff for "Driver of the Year", just for the way he maneuvered that big truck in such a tight space.
Bill & Carol

Thank you so much for all your experience. You turned a very stressful day into a pleasant one! Your guys are wonderful.

Don't know what we would have done without you. Thanks again from the S's (Stevenson's) who finally got in March 13th

The S's
-----Original Message----- From: RM Sent: May 21
To: William Smith
Subject: Re:moving

Hi Carol,

Thanks again, the guys did a great job and I will definitely refer your company in the future.

Original Message-----
From: J H
Sent: August 7 11:12 AM
To: William Smith
Subject: A Great Move

Bill: I just wanted to drop a line to say "Thank you" for making my move on July 21, painless. The guys, Jeremy and Chris, were terrific, friendly and very polite. I would certainly recommend Perfect Moves to anyone who is moving.

Thank you so much.
From: S N.
Sent: July 16, 6:24 PM
To: William Smith and Sons
Subject: Re: Piano Move Bill,

Your movers just left and they did a fantastic job moving our piano. They were both very polite and professional.... despite the heat!

Thanks so much for the great service.

Susan N. & Al P.
From: audrey
Sent: June 27 2:43 PM
To: William Smith
Subject: The Move

Hi Carol and Bill:

Well, the move went of relatively clean, simple and with a lot less effort on my part than what I had expected. The men were great, efficient, worked very hard and did not waste any time.

Now, if I had only not been so cheap as to moving the balance of the furniture to Beaverton so I could have my garage back - LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you very much for your assistance and you have named your company rightly so - "Perfect Moves"


--Original Message----- From: June
Sent: August 7 11:12 AM
To: William Smith
Subject: RE: Your Perfect Moves Equote


I just wanted to drop a line to say "Thank you" for making my move on July 21, 2008, painless.

The guys, Jeremy and Chris, were terrific, friendly and very polite.

I would certainly recommend Perfect Moves to anyone who is moving.

Thank you so much.

June H.
Keswick, On